Loving the Cambridge Mill a brunch...

Written by Sophie Strobel

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Sophie loves being a part of the warm community of Waterloo. She attends the University of Waterloo where she studies Science and Business and is currently working in marketing for science and tech companies.

Why is Sunday brunch at the Cambridge Mill fully booked for weeks in advance? Perhaps it is the beautiful waterfront view or the vast selection of food. Or maybe, it's because people in KW love their brunch.  If you are a huge fan of brunch and haven't experienced the Cambridge Mill then your standards for "good brunch" are about to increase quite a bit.
The Cambridge Mill is a location I usually suggest to my friends when they have a date night coming up and they want an establishment that they can dress up for. The restaurant was refurbished from an old mill on the Grand River and overlooks the rapids. This view is a large contributor to the classy atmosphere of the dining rooms. The stone entrance-way and the patios are a great place to get a photo with a backdrop if you are celebrating a special event.


To be honest, the food is what will keep me coming back. There is a two hour limit on brunch, and the food is so good that I believe people would stay all day if they could.  It's served in two different dining rooms, one for the hot food and one for cold dishes. The cold dishes include seafood, salads, meats and cheeses, fondue, and desserts. In the hot food dining room, there are dishes all along the middle of the room. You can get omelets and crepes personally made and meat sliced to order. They also have a bar area with smoothies, caesar's, bloody mary's and mimosa's. If you want a full picture of the food they offer then check out the menu online.


Of course, it was physically impossible to try everything but the table favorites were the made to order crepes, the brie with marmalade, and the country ham. At the crepe station, you can pick your fillings and then they are wrapped in two layers of crepes and flambéed. I also really enjoyed the seafood table. It was beautifully set up and offered everything from smoked salmon to oysters with Grey Goose.
The wait staff is really amazing and knowledgeable when it comes to allergies. If you mention a food allergy, one of the chef's will give you a tour of the dining rooms and explain everything that you can and can't eat. They do a great job of accommodating for allergies by making sure that your selection remains despite certain dishes that you can't eat.


As a student, I am also always conscious about how much I am spending. If you are as well, or if you're just an early riser, then try to go for 9:30 AM. You will get the early bird special which is about $10 less. In addition, going early will give you the best selection of food. After about 1 PM certain dishes start to run low. I went mid-morning where there was an amazing atmosphere with a full dining room and if you book over a month in advance you will usually get a great spot.
Gather your friends, your family, or your coworkers and go share this warm experience. The food is amazing, the atmosphere is so classy and the service is impeccable. The Cambridge Mill takes care to provide an experience that is breathtakingly beautiful and their delicious food certainly looks as good as it tastes.