How to Bar Hop Like a Pro in Waterloo

Written by Sophie Strobel.

Twitter: @sstrobes
Instagram: @strobie_

Sophie loves being a part of the warm community of Waterloo. She attends the University of Waterloo, and started blogging to raise awareness about all the amazing places that this area has to offer. She believes great experiences were meant to be shared.

One of the reasons I love Uptown Waterloo so much is because it is packed with great bars and restaurants. This makes it the perfect bar hopping location because everything is so close, and there are so many options to suit your mood. When planning out our bar hopping nights, my friends and I usually sit down and list out our top choices of bars and then try to go to some of each.


To get your night started you probably want a bar with a relaxed atmosphere. It's usually more of a classy location where you can go to chat and catch up with everyone. White Rabbit is constantly the first bar that my friends and I choose to go to. They have an endless list of unique cocktails, all of which are worth a try at least once. The White Rabbit has an older crowd with more young adults than students, but you will feel right at home in the warm and cozy bar. If you're not impressed yet, just know that you can order Bits & Bites from the bar. Beer town is also a great option for the first stop of your night.


2 rabbit greyhounds and 1 strawberry sombrero from the White Rabbit



At this point, you are probably ready to try something a little bit rowdier. Pub On King or Chainsaw are both good options. We chose Pub on King as our second bar because it gets full early and we wanted to avoid a line. By the time we got there around 11 the place was already standing room only so we mingled while we waited for a table. Every time I go to Pub on King I run into people that I know. It's a good way to finally meet those people that you always see in lectures but never actually get to know.


Tequila Bar Limes from Pub On King



Don't even try to deny it, you are feeling a little tipsy now. You're probably slowing down and starting to crave food. This is when we decided to go to Abe Erb. Late at night, they have such a chill atmosphere and they play indie music like Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala. You'll thank me later when you take my advice and get the sawmill nachos. Stark and Perri is also a really good pick for late night food.


Drunk food n chill- sawmill nachos and cider from Abe Erb



With a solid buzz, it's time to make one last stop, it's time to get your dance on. I suppose this step can be omitted if dancing really isn't your thing, but what do you have to lose! I would suggest Starlight or Night School. This stop is usually a last minute decision, so pick whichever club is your favorite, whichever is closer, or whichever one has no line.
Of course, there are several other options as well as what was listed here. The beauty of uptown is trying new places every time you go and having new favorites as you change and grow as a person, and as the city changes around you. Recently Failte, across from DVLB, changed ownership and has become Becky's Apartment. So far I have heard wildly great reviews about this hidden gem.


If you are on a budget:
-Plan ahead for how much you want to spend and only bring that amount in cash. Leave your cards at home.
-Find a mixed drink you like that isn't on the cocktail menu, it will be half the price.
-Don't purchase drinks at your last stop of the night, especially if it's a club. This will help with the hangover as well.


-Try to have only one drink, max two, per bar so that you pace yourself and manage to reach your full bar hopping potential.
-Ask for your bills when the server checks in on you. You can pay and be on your way when you are ready to leave.


-Cash is way more useful than credit or debit so you won't be searching for an ATM at every stop.
-This may seem like common sense, but there's always that one friend that forgets their ID. Don't let this be you.