Why Bauer Bakery & Café is Winning at Being a Café

Written by Sophie Strobel.

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Sophie loves being a part of the warm community of Waterloo. She attends the University of Waterloo, and started blogging to raise awareness about all the amazing places that this area has to offer. She believes great experiences were meant to be shared.

The Bauer Bakery is a café that gets it. They have managed to find the perfect ingredients to curate a warm atmosphere, addictively good coffee, and food better than your grandma used to make (shh don't tell her). I'll break down how they are amazing at what they do.

Bauer Bakery Cafe


I'm not even kidding, if you want an unreal Instagram of some beautiful latte art then this would be the place to go. On the left is the single ladies’ latte, and the other drink in the photo is an almond milk latte with cinnamon sprinkling.

coffee in waterloo


The two employees working had no idea I was on a mission to blog, but they entertained my questions and we had an amazing conversion that covered a wide range of topics including school, how to use an espresso machine and several different drink suggestions. If you've always dreamed of a coffee shop where they know you by name and remember your order, then I would highly recommend this bakery.  


I'm usually decently bitter about valentine’s day rolling around, but if every valentine’s day rolls around with these 3 love themed drinks then I think I could be okay with it. I looked through their Instagram and it looks like they frequently update their seasonal drinks selection so even after valentine’s day you can still get in the holiday mood. The twists on drinks involve different toppings, seasonal spices, and colourful latte art.

bauer cafe


It's really hard to meet people in a city when you're not in university. Having a busy schedule and actively taking part in the "anti-social social club" is all part of the struggle. Who could blame you, we're all in the same boat. That's why I think Canines and Coffee is a genius idea. You were going to walk your dog anyway, you all have something in common, and walking gives you something to do as you get to know people. P.S., I don't have a dog, but is it socially acceptable if I go and hang out with other people's dogs?


Saving the best for last, the food served at this bakery is to die for. They have a display full of everything I would want to order. I felt like pulling a Harry Potter and saying "we'll take the lot." They switch up their baked goods so that they are fresh and seasonally appropriate. I think for me the winner was the macarons, but I would also seriously consider switching my grocery bread for their freshly baked loaves and coming back for one of their lunchtime daily sandwiches. If you want a healthier option, go for the Bauer Bowl, it’s the lunch you wish you had time to pack.


Definitely make a plan to go check out the Bauer Bakery & Café. There are lots of little stores around the area as well, so if there's no sitting space you can take your coffee to go. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite drink was and why you think the Bauer Bakery is winning at being a cafe.