Royal Electric Guelph - A Look at one of Guelph's best restaurant bars!

Written by Harvi
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Harvi is a local foodie who created Dine Special in order to fill his appetite for local restaurants and to also showcase them to the growing community of food lovers in the region. He enjoys coffee, patio season, and especially loves tacos. When he isn't eating, you can find him at a gym working off all of the extra calories. 

Heya Foodies!

Last week I had the pleasure to meet with one of the managers (Madison) at Guelph local hot spot, Royal Electric. This is a place that always seemed to catch my eye any time I was downtown as they have probably, in my opinion, one of the best signage in the city. Well tell you what, it's not just the signage that is great, but everything else inside too.

Royal Electric has been around for about one and a half years now and initially was opened as a bar. About 6 months ago they added a kitchen and began serving a full menu, and thankfully they did because their food is absolutely incredible. The owners of Royal Electric are actually seasoned restaurant owners as they are affiliated with other local well-known places like Baker Street Station, 39 Carden Street, and are also part of the team that is bringing an upcoming Guelph food truck! (Yes, this is real news)

For those wondering, Royal Electric appeals itself to a young professional and bit more of a mature crowd. If you're looking to be surrounded by the younger university students, it may not be the place for you that specific night. The busiest days are definitely Friday and Saturday where you'll be surrounded by a trendy crowd of people having casual drinks, dinner, and then those who are looking to have more of a "time" and getting ready for after 10 pm when the live music (Friday) or the guest DJ (Saturday) takes over. As mentioned, Friday night is live music where you can see bands such as The Groovy Brothers or The Test-Icicles. Saturday is live DJ where you can dance the night away to Analog Sound Crew or DJ Scotty for more of a top 40 vibe. 

Royal Electric recently got an updated menu selection with the Warm Tuna Salad and the Lobster Roll leading the charge. I personally tried the Warm Tuna Salad and it was amazing. A great lunch meal that wasn't heavy but left me feeling satisfied, full, and also healthy. I definitely recommend you try this. If you happen to try the Lobster Roll let us know in the comment section below how amazing it is! Continuing on with the food, one of the favourites include the Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Apparently this is absolutely to die for and it's on my list for my next visit. 

A few unique food items that appealed to me were the Cauliflower Wings and the Chicken Parm Sandwich. Cauliflower Wings are hard to come by and are surprisingly really tasty (coming from a chicken wing lover). It is an especially great option for vegetarians who want to be a part of wing night. As for the Chicken Parm Sandwich, I think all that needs to be known is, chicken + cheese + delicious sauce + fresh bread = yummy (I am definitely a math expert). 

Last but not least, brunch. Yes, Royal Electric is one of your Guelph spots for killer brunch. Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm is the time to go and you definitely, definitely, definitely need to order the Chicken Waffles. I would even order a $5 Mimosa, because, hey, why not? They are apparently famous for how delicious their brunch is, so I would recommend going closer to 10am. 

chicken waffles guelph

With the warmer months coming along, there is also a cool back patio with a sweet looking mural and criss cross lights. I could definitely picture myself having a "time" back there with some friends, warm weather, and thirst quenching drinks. 

So next time you see their dazzling sign you should probably be going through that door and eating all the food, and drinking all the drinks. 

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